Adult Baja Blue Rock Lizard For Sale


Baja Blue Rock Lizard For Sale

  • Petrosaurus thalassinus
  • Long Term Captive Bred Beauties!
  • 3 Adult Males Available
  • Approximate Length: 11 to 15 Inches But Can Reach Up To 18 Inches In Length
  • It Is Found In The Sierra La Laguna And Sierra La Trinidad Of Cape Region OF Baja California
  • Amazing Blue Coloration On The Head And Yellow Around The Neck! But During Breeding Season With Both Males And Females The Color Intensifies Tremendously
  • A Very Rare Lizard! These Will Not Last Long Due To Its Rarity
  • Likes To Bask In Very Hot Temps Around 90-100 Degrees It Can Also Flatten Its Body To Retreat Into Rock Crevices When Approached By Predators And Can Drop Its Tail If Caught
  • At Just 2 Years Old The Lizard Is Sexually Mature And The Female Can Lay Up To 20 Eggs In A Ditch Dug In The Ground
  • Amazing Critters To Keep Its Almost like A Cross Between A Chuckwalla And Collard Lizard But With The Proper Work They Can Be Tame As A Bearded Dragon
  • Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Crickets And Mealworms But Can Also Eat Blossoms, Leaves, Seeds, And Small Fruit